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ServicePRO Job Allocation ServicePRO Fire Extinguisher Software makes your business more efficient by the way it turns information about your operation into useful tools. By scheduling your jobs, you keep track of services for the day, week, month or even the year.


Scheduling jobs, different types of sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, portable fire extinguishers, balancing the workload between technicians, keeping track of customers, invoicing, payments and so much more can be managed efficiently with ServicePRO to keep your business moving ahead.


ServicePRO Job ScheduleAs with every aspect of ServicePRO Fire Extinguisher Software, entering and obtaining information about work schedules is easy. Once the jobs are entered, the Job Allocation module allows you to print a technician's job sheet or run sheet showing the customer details, job details, special instructions and a map reference number. It will even help you plan each tech's journey for the day, saving you time and fuel and maximizing the number of customers you can efficiently serve in one day.

ServicePRO Job Schedule

ServcePRO Fire Extinguisher Software Schedule screens will allow you to view your tech's schedule by area or by skill level. By simply dragging the mouse over a time slot, you will be able to make a booking for a particular date/time for a particular driver. Whilst booking the time, other operators will see the time slot as reserved and will not be able to take the same time slot, hence they will be warned of double-booking. You will also be able to view the productivity for your drivers' at a glance, which include the number of jobs for the day, total work hours, total value of the jobs and the productivity per hour for each technician.