PEST-APP for Pest Control

PEST-APP Pest Control Software 

PEST-APP is a new suite of industry specific software designed specifically to help pest management businesses of all shapes and sizes to operate more efficiently, cost effectively and more profitably.

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ServicePRO® Online, Works The Way Technology Should. Fast to deploy, simple to customise and easy to manage. Test Drive it today. Call +61 2 9450 8888 to speak to one of representatives to arrange a demo of ServicePRO-Online.

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ServicePRO-Online EZYReports Inspection Software Galaxy TabServicePRO-OnLine EZYReports is now available on the Samsung Phones, Galaxy Tab, Note and other 7" and 10" devices. For more details click here.

Pest Control Software Barcode Template Designer

The Pest Control Software - ServicePRO - Barcode Template Designer makes the task of designing complex templates for your inspections very easy. ServicePRO Pest Control Software Barcode Template Designer ™ uses EZYReports technology which is the most advanced software tool available today which allows you to truly design your own templates into logical areas, equipment, answers and additional answers. And it is the only system that is FULLY INTEGRATED to a back office system providing you with complete activity reports, trend analysis and true enterprise mobility.

Once the inspection template is designed in ServicePRO™, it is then ready to be used - you can create a customer contract and assign it as a Barcode Contract, book a customer job download it to the PocketPC or Dispatch it to your technician. The PocketPC is now ready to do a Barcode job and use the template that your designed. ServicePRO Template Designer is the most advanced Template Designer today which enables you do any of the following:

  • Design your own Templates to install on your own Windows Mobile 5 or 6
  • Design your own Business Rules with Dependencies and Triggers for each report 
  • Add Points, Weight and other algorithm to each question so as to accumulate a total score or total weight to analyse the Risk and produce Trend Analysis. For example, a Rodent Station could have Activity Level or Nil=0, Low=1, Medium=2 and High=3. Therefore, you specify the point on each of the answers.

Once you have a score, then you can create business rules to activate or deactivate answers depending on the score

Your Template can be presented in any of the following:

  • Standard Tick Boxes
  • Drop Down choices
  • A Text box which allows you to add paragraphs or sentences
  • A summary of the question which allows you to encapsulate all the answers. Therefore, you can present your report in a way that you would like.
  • A summary of Answers only
Our Inspection Designer so far has been used to design the following checklists:
  • Rodent Stations
  • Electronic Fly Killers
  • Sticky Glue Boards
  • Mice stations
  • Termite Monitoring

Do you have a Template that you want to design to use with ServicePRO Barcoding?, Talk to us, we are happy to help you add your Template- FREE OF CHARGE - to your ServicePRO system. That is our Service Guarantee.


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