Pest Control Software Inspection Report Writer EZYReports

The ServicePRO-OnLine Pest Control Software Inspection Report Writer uses base templates that you design using ServicePRO Inspection Report Designer — appearing on the hand-held computer as simple on-screen options — arranged in logical sections, and driven by the pest manager in response to "familiar questions and answers".

Once you (or your technician or sales person) have completed a report or prepared quote on a hand-held computer in the field and returned to the office, you download the information to your ServicePRO database. All customer and job details are updated automatically. When you return to the office, you simply plug the PocketPC into its cradle, upload the information to ServicePRO™, and select an option to view your report. The report is now available to view in Microsoft Word™ with the customer signature appearing in the document as acknowledgment.

ServicePRO Report Writer is the only report writer that will produce a report directly from ServicePRO into Microsoft Word format. You don't have to be an expert in Microsoft Word to quickly create professional reports.

ServicePRO-OnLine Inspection Report Designer & ServicePRO-OnLine Inspection Report Writer includes easy to use instructions to guide you.

Once the ServicePRO database is updated, you have the option to view or update specific customer reports, make changes if required, and finally print them out as standard documents.

ServicePRO-OnLine Inspection Report Writer provides your office staff with the following features:

Unlike other systems, ServicePRO-OnLine Inspection Report Writer is fully integrated into the ServicePRO database. This means, once information is downloaded, retrieving and editing it is only a couple of keystrokes away.

Because you have ServicePRO in your back office, you do not need to exchange information with other systems or employ computer programmers to interface to other packages. It is all done for you - FULLY INTEGRATED!

ServicePRO-OnLine Inspection Report Writer can be used to print any of the following that you have designed: