PEST-APP for Pest Control

PEST-APP Pest Control Software 

PEST-APP is a new suite of industry specific software designed specifically to help pest management businesses of all shapes and sizes to operate more efficiently, cost effectively and more profitably.

Fast, Simple and Easy

ServicePRO® Online, Works The Way Technology Should. Fast to deploy, simple to customise and easy to manage. Test Drive it today. Call +61 2 9450 8888 to speak to one of representatives to arrange a demo of ServicePRO-Online.

Despatch with ServicePRO

Would you like to use ServicePRO with iPAD? ServicePRO-OnLine offers all the standard PDA features using the IPAD.

Which PocketPCs do you currently support?

Currently, all PocketPCs running Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows PocketPC 2003. These include Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, Casio and many others.
Any PDA with software version prior to Windows PocketPC 2003 will not operate with our current version of EZYReports as the technology is now out of date.