PEST-APP for Pest Control

PEST-APP Pest Control Software 

PEST-APP is a new suite of industry specific software designed specifically to help pest management businesses of all shapes and sizes to operate more efficiently, cost effectively and more profitably.

Fast, Simple and Easy

ServicePRO® Online, Works The Way Technology Should. Fast to deploy, simple to customise and easy to manage. Test Drive it today. Call +61 2 9450 8888 to speak to one of representatives to arrange a demo of ServicePRO-Online.

Despatch with ServicePRO

Would you like to use ServicePRO with iPAD? ServicePRO-OnLine offers all the standard PDA features using the IPAD.

The News

Pest Control Software Featured in AEPMA Year Book 2008

LAST_UPDATED2 Written by Administrator Thursday, 27 January 2011 08:30

AEPMA Year Book 2008 features most of the suppliers to the Australian Pest Management Industry. Temisoft is also featured where it supplies Pest Control Software or Pest Management Software.

Temisoft supplies Pest Management Software, Inspection Report Software, Bar Coding Software and Dispatch Software.

Click on the link below to see the AEPMA year book 2008.


ServicePRO-OnLine offered as SaasServicePRO-Online.COM is the latest offerings from Temisoft Australia, and has been developed to meet the needs of the Pest Management Industry, Skip Bin Delivery industry, Fire Extinguisher Service and Test & Tag Industry. ServicePRO is a registered Trademark of Temisoft PTY LTD (Australia) ABN 35 063 536 765.

ServicePRO-Online.COM is developed using Service Oriented Architecture & Design. It offers everything including:

  • Customers and Properties
  • Allocation, Drag & Drop Scheduling & Despatching
  • Accounts Receivable & Debtors
  • Regular Maintenace Service Contracts
  • Electronic PDA Inspection Reports
  • Pest Inspection Reports for PDA's
  • Building Inspection Reports for PDA's
  • Barcoding and Analysis for Pest Management, Test & Tag and Facilities Management
  • Accounting Integration
  • Wireless Sending and Receiving of Jobs
  • Contract Renewals
  • Annual Reminder Letters
  • Internet Dispatch to your field service personnel
  • ... and much more.


Inspection software for iPad and Inspection Software for Android is now available.


The Technology Because it is built using reliable industry-standard technology, ServicePRO® easily adapts, grows and scales right along with your business. With intuitive user interface, ServicePRO® can help you attain rapid user adoption, adapt to changes, deliver services quicker and achieve a fast return on investment. ServicePRO-Online has been developed from the ground up using the latest technology from PROGRESS SOFTWARE and Microsoft. Therefore, the tools and technology that Temisoft have used in developing this product is certainly the best of breed. By using Service Oriented Architecture and Design, you can be assured that the technology not only enhances your processes, but enables you to give your customers' a more efficient service and also future-proof your business with technology changes.


Align Business with Technology Choose how you implement and how you use ServicePRO® so that you can tailor the solution to match your unique business needs. ServicePRO® enables your organisation to choose on-demand and on-premise deployments with flexible licensing options that preserve your ability to adapt as business requirements change. ServicePRO-OnLine.Com is offered to you as 'Software As A Service'. To get access to ServicePRO-Online, you need to subscribe to the service. Once your subscription is processed, you will have access to our download area to install the software and start using it. The quickest way to get online is with ServicePRO-Online.COM and use it 24/7 - and secured using SSL 128bit encryption.


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