PEST-APP for Pest Control

PEST-APP Pest Control Software 

PEST-APP is a new suite of industry specific software designed specifically to help pest management businesses of all shapes and sizes to operate more efficiently, cost effectively and more profitably.

Fast, Simple and Easy

ServicePRO® Online, Works The Way Technology Should. Fast to deploy, simple to customise and easy to manage. Test Drive it today. Call +61 2 9450 8888 to speak to one of representatives to arrange a demo of ServicePRO-Online.

Despatch with ServicePRO

ServicePRO Dispatcher is the quickest way you can dispatch jobs to your field service and receive them immediately when they have finished the jobs.

Pest Control Software Commercial

ServicePRO-OnLine Pest Control Software is the most advanced pest control software system available in the market today. The software deals with the day to day issues of Booking, Allocation and Dispatch, Invoicing, Inspection Reports and Bar Coding Systems. The technology that is used to develop ServicePRO-OnLine Pest Control Software enables you as the business owner to choose which method you want to operate the software.

Here are some of items that you will need to have in a software and fully operate a Commercial Pest Control:

  • Service Contract for recurring jobs (ie: weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, every second week on Wednesday etc)
  • Bar Coding for Rodent Bait Stations
  • Activity Reports for the bait stations showing all the activity for the last 3 months
  • Trend Analysis
  • Electronic Scanning of Bait Stations
  • Electronic Date / Time stamp showing on the activity reports
  • Electronic Date / Time stamp showing start / finish time of the job
  • GPS location of start job and finish job
  • Electronically transfer new jobs from the office to the PDA in the field
  • Electronically transfer completed jobs from the PDA in the field back to the office
  • Warranty and Reminders
  • Site Maps and Plans
  • Invoicing and Statements
  • Customer Access System (so your customer can login and extract the report or trend, get immediate access to MSDS, plans or contracts)
  • HACCP auditors to accept your Activity Reports and Trend Analysis

ServicePRO-OnLine.COM is being used by hundreds of Commercial Pest Management companies for over 15 years and all the above points have been covered and implemented for years and new changes are being introduced by the day. If you have a unique requirement and you need to discuss it, please give us a call on (02) 9450-8888 and speak to one of representatives.